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Building positive relationships is tough. There is so much taught to us about giving to others and we are never taught how to be kind to ourselves. However, this is the greatest skill we can ever hold. Being kind to ourselves gives us the keys to the vehicle of our lives. It allows us to sit in the drivers seat of our vehicle. Something we so often give to others.

When we don't give to ourselves we don't have enough to give to others. When we focus on giving to others we find ourselves tried and run down because we haven't given time, respect or love to ourselves. Let me ask you this question, if your best friend was feeling this way what advice would you give them?

Knowing that you are wired to give and that you just can't stop because it's in your make up, how do you support yourself? What advice do you give yourself and are you prepared to follow through on that advice?

If you're like most people that give, you more than likely find yourself drinking, smoking and isolating yourself. That's the only way you have learnt how to cope, right? What if there was a better way of being who you are that moved you away from abusing yourself and moved you into your power. Would you want to know how?

What if it was your best friend who was fatigued and holding on to all the drama of helping others. What advice would you give them? Would you want to connect them to a way of looking after themselves where they could give even more?

That's what this audio program will give you. When you can't, let me be your best friend. That's what this audio program is all about. I'll show you how you can become that best friend that you have been needing for so long that will allow you to give even more while connecting to your inner power.

In this audio program, I guide you through -

- Being your best friend

- How to be open to giving and receiving

- How we treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us

- Committing to yourself

- How to be reflective

- Building confidence and trust within yourself

- Becoming mindful of you

- How to be flexible and kind to you

Check out this Facebook Live video I did on this very topic.

It's time to stop beating yourself up! Being kind to you is in your control.

So many people have told you to "snap out of it" or "get over it" but never shown you how or offer a way forward. In this audio program I take you through step by step on how you can be kind to you.

Don't wait any longer. Your life is happening now!

The best version of you wants you to break free. Invest in yourself TODAY, learn how to give more and get in touch with your inner greatness!

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