Relationships can sometimes be tough. We get so invested in our relationships. That’s what makes them so beautiful. Two people giving to one another unconditionally. However, sometimes communication breaks down and before you know it the once inseparable couple now have miles of distance between them.

Arguments occur regularly over small things and now life seems so much harder. Energy gets sucked out of each other and nobody gives an inch. This attitude creeps into other areas of your life, such as your work life and has a major impact on children. It can seem like the best thing that can happen is to give up and go separate ways. The problem is, neither party wants that to happen.

How do we get back to that loving relationship where communication between us was open, honest and loving? How do we now after all that has happened go back to unconditional love?

These are common questions that get asked often with a struggling relationship. What was once an unconditional love now has conditions that nobody talks about and nobody is aware what they are.

This program is nurturing, caring and honest. The focus of this program is to get the communication back on track. Recognise where the relationship brokedown and work through those challenges. With an open, honest, judgement free zone, this program gives couples the opportunity to gain perspective and understanding.

Relationship therapy is a place to listen, learn and implement to get reconnected with love. To reconnect with that person who you love and who loves you.

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