Are you worthy of love?

Where do you belong?

Are you good enough?

In episode 3 of Growth Begins With You we answer all those questions as we dive deep into our belief systems and how they keep us safe while building walls that sabotage us.

We discuss the three essential human needs –

  • Am I loved
  • Am I enough
  • Do I belong

Throughout this episode we pull apart our personal histories and how our life story can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when we’re unaware of it’s impact. Our life experiences and traumas have contributed to who we are, what we are open to receiving and what we are prepared to give to ourselves and others.

I trust you will love this episode and learn so much about yourself and how you could possibly be sabotaging yourself without even recognising it.

Take care. And remember, what we do is never the sum of who we are!

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