In episode two of the Growth Begins With You Podcast, we dive right into how we can become our own best friend. We constantly give advice to our friends on how they can overcome adversity, however, considering how good our advice and support can be, do we listen to our own advice?

We also dive right into the three different types of relationships we can form and how empowering or disempowering they can be. The focus on our relationships has always been give and take. I’ll show you how you can move towards building a more stable relationship that is open to giving and receiving.

And finally, we go deep into why we fight wars with others and how it can seem that drama is constantly chasing us. Fighting wars with others has an huge impact on the quality of our relationships. It can cause massive heartache that can fracture our sense of belonging.

I know you’ll love episode 2 and remember, what you do is never the sum of who you are!

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