Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is one of the most valuable skills that is rarely taught to us. Especially parents. We do the best we can to resolve conflict in the quickest possible way. But if you’re like most people, you find that things take a turn for the worse and emotions get heightened. Things that people regret get said often in conflict and relationships breakdown because of it

Anger, stubbiness and lack of perspective are always present in arguments.  In general, nobody likes to give an inch because of the feeling of losing. We stand our ground and get louder and louder to hopefully drown out the other person while talking over them.

So, what’s the answer? What can we do to stop things from getting out of control? Do we just sit thereconcede and give up?

Conflict resolution is solution focused. Problem is, when people are arguing, nobody wants to give up on their position. What if you didn’t have to give anything up? What if there was a way to work towards an outcome where both parties could agree upon? Wouldn’t that be worth doing rather than needlessly arguing that leads to more pain and broken relationships?

This program is one on one coaching anddesigned to give you the skill set to actively resolve conflict by moving towards an outcome that works for everyone. By building on the skills you already have, you can easily apply your new-found strength at home with you kids, grow your relationships and be even more valuable at work.

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