So many people feel they have to change. But change moves you further away from who you are. My question to you is –

Why do you need to change and who are you changing for?

In most case’s you change because of someone else’s idea of who you “SHOULD” be. The problem is when you think they’re right! If that’s the case, you may not know who you are and what you stand for. Who we “SHOULD” be isn’t who we are. It’s just an idea. It may not be right.

When we follow a “SHOULD” we become disconnected from our soul. Our soul tries to catch us. It’s says – Wait, come back. Who you are is over here!

We then find ourselves lost, anxious and searching for the answers. We turn to others for guidance. Then we get another “SHOULD”. We hear again – This is what you “SHOULD” do and you need fixing.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need fixing! You only need to listen to you! Your inner voice. After all, you are the expert of your own life. Not anyone else. You!

So, what do we do once we get here?

More importantly, how do we recognise when we are here?

We will either become aggressive or avoidant. That’s how we express our anxiety. But it’s a double-edged sword because the same way we can recognise our anxiety, is the same way that others judge us. And it’s hard not to listen.

These are usually people you’ve trusted for a long time.

I love this quote from Wayne Dyer –

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

I love it because it gives us hope. Hope that things can and will improve. I have this conversation so often with people that are trying to do too much to change things and find themselves lost, anxious and searching for meaning and answers.

Work with what makes you GREAT! We all have strengths that make us GREAT! EXCEPT IT! Make them even stronger! You aren’t here to be weak or work on your weakness. You are POWERFUL! Tap into it!

That’s why improvement is far greater than change.

Improvement gives space for mistakes and learning’s that lead to GROWTH! GROWTH of who you are! Your Identity. Your Strengths.

When you start to tap into those strengths and build on your greatness you will find that all the outside noise will fade away. Those who held you back and told you who you “SHOULD” be, will wither disappear or champion you! You will quickly see who deserves your energy.

So, it’s time to take an inventory of what makes you great. What makes you POWERFUL and BUILD on that! Think about the impact that would have on your life and your general well-being

Will this be easy? NO!

I wish there was a magic pill. But I want you to see that you’re the magic pill to your life and happiness. Remember, you’re the expert of your life. You have the answers for you! That means you’re in control.

Don’t just take my advice, put it to the test. In fact, I challenge you to put it to the test. Let me get you started through these questions.

What improvements could you make TODAY that would empower you?

What do you value about you?

When most people talk about values, they talk about what they value in others and external things. What I invite you to do is explore what you value in you.

Next question is….

How do you express your anxiety?

Aggressively or avoidantly?

I express my anxiety in an aggressive way. I become loud and stomp around like a child. My wife, for an example, expresses her anxiety in an avoidant way. She becomes isolated and hides away. Neither are right, neither are wrong they just are. So be mindful of that. Be kind to yourself.

The next question I have for you is….

When do you feel most POWERFUL? When do you feel in FLOW?

Jot down a paragraph about it. Read it over and you’ll find strengths in there. Some you may not have been aware of.

Next question is in two parts….

What do you love to give to others? What do you like to receive from others?

These two go hand in hand. Some people only give when they know they will receive. Others only give and are never open to receive. While some are only open to receiving. But these two work together.

Give and be open to receiving. That’s the balance. There’s a balance to everything. There’s also a tipping point to everything as well. Which way do you tip? Giving or Receiving or are you balanced?

If you’re honest with yourself this won’t take long. Go with your first instinct! That’s the real you!

Listen to you!

Once you’ve answered and noted that stuff, I invite you to commit to small improvements into living consistently through the answers you have. Stay flexible because things in your life will start to shift. As you become more like you, your environment will shift with you. Your relationships will shift. The way you interact with others will shift and the way others interact with you will shift.


Except who you are and those who truly value and except who you are will be there to champion you. YOU will become the model to follow.

So, the choice is yours. Continue the way things are or reconnect with who you are?

The choice is yours! The choice has always been yours!

If you feel like this is going to be kind of a big thing for you and feel like you need a jump start, contact me TODAY. I’ll help you make sense of it all and get you started.

Take care.

And remember, your greatness was meant to be lived every day.

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