Anxiety can be crippling. What we fear affects our whole life. Especially how we react to certain situations and people. The biggest impact is on our family and work life. It can be difficult to handle when your anxiety impacts loved ones who try their best to support you but miss the mark because they aren’t equipped to assist you. Being promoted at work can be just as difficult when your anxiety is getting in the way. That’s if you can identify that you are anxious.

What happens when you are unaware that you are anxious? How can you identify that you are anxious and then how do you overcome it? We express anxiety in a few different ways. We can be aggressive, avoidant or stand still and hope that the world will pass us by without noticing us. We all have our anxious moments and for some people, they don’t recognise their behaviour as anxiety.

This program is one on one counselling to help you recognise when anxiety is occurring in your body and then working through strategies to alleviate your anxiety. We breakdown what is the cause of your anxiety and lead you towards letting go of that cause.

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